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Sheltering evacuees is a major priority of concern of government officials and emergency responders prior to, during, and after a catastrophe.

Local emergency managers and evacuees need to know the location of available hotel space outside the risk area and the ability to interact to reserve available rooms for the evacuees. The availability of such information would significantly improve the efficiency of evacuations and reduce evacuees’ stress.™ is a web and mobile accessible database of hotels with rooms to sell tonight; current availability, rate, location, directions, and reservation capabilities for mass evacuations.

When an evacuation is announced hotels need to quickly and easily re-locate guests and assist evacuees in finding available hotels to shelter for a period of time.  Current methods pose an immediate problem for the evacuee and hotels. 

There is a critical need to give everyone an easy method and service that can disseminate vacancy information related to the location of, directions to, and confirmed reservation of an available hotel or motel room located beyond the evacuated area.

Our evacuation assistance program is intended to be the one stop source for shelter space that aides in disaster evacuation implementation and recovery for all federal agencies to ensure that evacuees have the ability to readily find shelter for themselves and their families.™ encourages and engages hotels to agree to be each other’s affiliates to ensure that FEMA, hotel owners and managers and evacuees know the location of the nearest available hotel space outside the risk area and can interact to reserve available rooms for the evacuees.  Making this information and service available to everyone who needs it will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of evacuations and reduce evacuees’ stress.™ continually monitors the status of hotels and provides seamless real-time information on the availability of hotel space.  With™ hotels do not have to report the availability of accommodations because information is updated automatically.

Our plan includes tracking the destination of evacuees through the analysis of hotel reservations from the onset of the event so we can inform strategic state and local partners where people are going.  

Our plan includes mapping that shows where hotels/shelters are filled, and where hotels/shelter is still available, used by local, city, state, and federal evacuation centers and personnel to direct the evacuee to safety further away.

Patent #7,761,305 - A System and method of providing current hotel daily rate and availability information and the like

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